If you are using Wabix to send a lot of messages and you want to protect your WhatsApp account we give the following advice:

  1. If possible, do not use your personal account.
  2. Just try to use your new account for a few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from it.
  3. Send the account number (that you want to use to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with friends and family ask them to save it and message you on it.
  4. When you start sending bulk from a new account start with small bulks.
  5. Try to write a message in a way that the recipient does not report it as spam (this is the most critical issue with new accounts).
  6. Use the SpinTax feature to set an array of words with the same meaning (the program randomly will use them).
  7. Give your account more credibility by joining groups.
  8. Use the anti-block module application in Settings (add your numbers and your friends’ numbers that you usually chat with them and set initiate dialog with them after x amount of messages).
  9. From Settings, in Wabix, set a small delay between messages.