Wabix is a customized WhatsApp bulk messenger designed to make communication with your audience easier than ever. Our platform is designed to help businesses, organizations, and individuals reach their target audience with ease, whether it be for marketing, customer service, or personal messaging.

Wabix is based on the Windows platform and you need Windows Operating System to send bulk messages using Wabix.

No there are not any hidden charges, We charge only the license fee as per the plan selected by the user.

You can send unlimited messages per day but it also depends on your network. Read Wabix Tips for more.

Wabix utilizes the power of the latest technology to give you a completely automated WhatsApp marketing platform.

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked. In order to keep channels long-lasting you should limit the no. of messages sent per day. Read Wabix Tips for more.

Yes, installation is provided free of cost with any plan that you purchase from us.

Yes, you can use your own number but we will not recommend it.

Yes, Wabix is a reliable and authentic product. Wabix is designed & developed by OReference.

You can pay for the software by our available payment methods.

No, Wabix is windows based software and you have to install and run it on your PC or laptop.

No, we do not store or view the messages sent by our customers to their recipients.