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Transform Your Business with Wabix, a WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender.

Wabix is a WhatsApp bulk messenger designed to make communication with your audience easier than ever. Our platform is designed to help businesses, organizations, and individuals reach their target audience with ease, whether it be for marketing, customer service, or personal messaging.


Where Chat meets Strategy

Enhance your communication strategy with Wabix, the premier customized WhatsApp bulk message sender. Wabix offers the tools you need to target, schedule, and optimize your messaging campaigns efficiently

Customize your messages with the recipient’s name or other relevant information.

Target specific groups or audiences with personalized messaging.

Plan ahead and never miss an important message with Wabix’s scheduled messaging feature.

Analyze the performance of your messages to optimize your communication strategy.

From Retail to Healthcare: Wabix’s Versatile Applications Across Industries

Elevate your communication strategy with Wabix, the personalized WhatsApp bulk messaging solution designed to cater to various industries. From retail to healthcare, Wabix empowers businesses to engage customers effectively and drive results.